Orijen Dog Food

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Fresh, Regional Ingredients. Discover All of the Benefits of ORIJEN. Fresh Ingredients. Biologically Appropriate. Never Outsourced. Highlights: Award-Winning Foods And Treats, We Use Fresh Regional Ingredients.

We carry a wide selection including:
D402-01340 Orijen Puppy 340 gm $4.99
D402-18012 Orijen Puppy 11.4 kg $90.99
D402-18112 Orijen Puppy Large Breed 11.4 KG $90.99

Adult Dogs
D402-10220 Orijen Tundra 2kg $5.99
D402-08340 Orijen Regional Red Dog Food 340g $4.99
D402-08027 Orijen Regional Red 2.27 kg $30.99
D402-08068 Orijen Regional Red 6.8 kg $65.99
D402-18212 Orijen Original Adult 11.4 KG $87.99
D402-18312 Orijen 6-Fish 11.4 kg $103.99
D402-18412 Orijen Regional Red Dogfood 11.4 $84.95

Senior/Older Dogs
D402-04340 Orijen Senior 340 gm $4.99
D402-04025 Orijen Senior 2.5 kg $27.99
D402-04135 Orijen Senior 11.4 kg $90.99

Freeze Dried Food
D402-18454 Orijen Tundra FDFood 16 oz $34.99
D403-13454 Orijen Adult FDFood 16 oz $30.99
D403-17454 Orijen Reg Red FDFood 16 oz $30.99


D403-01100 Orijen FDtreats Beef 3.25 Oz $14.99
D403-11056 Orijen Beef FDTreats 1.5oz $8.49
D403-14056 Orijen Bison FDTreat 1.5oz $10.99
D403-17056 Orijen Reg Red FDTreats 1.5oz $8.49
D403-18056 Orijen FDTundra Treats 1.5 oz $10.99

Product is not available online at store.  For more information and pricing contact:  Carol at 403-335-3780 or carol@cowscountry.ca